It is a genuine pleasure to add my comments regarding the experiences we have had working with Glen and Harmony Remodeling. Glen has done two projects for us, first expanding our house with an addition, doing renovations — including our kitchen and bathrooms and, later, our basement. Glen finished the jobs on time, stayed within budget, and performed exceptional work.

Also impressive is the “personal investment” he has made in making recommendations, paying attention to detail, ensuring cleanliness on the job, and going out of his way to ensure our satisfaction.

~Charles F.

Going out of his way to ensure our satifaction

Speaking as a DC homeowner, Glen has been a great and trusted resource. He and his team have helped us for both emergency situations and with home improvements. Very responsive! I recommend them with complete confidence.

~Gregg G.

I recommend them with complete confidence

Harmony Remodeling did a great job renovating our Health Center. The job was done well and it was finished on time and at the agreed upon budget.

Glen was particularly good at walking us through our galley kitchen remodeling; his recommendations gave us the best use of the space and fit our cabinets in perfectly. The crew was neat and also flexible with the building management. They did a good job working so as not to disturb the other tenants in the building during the construction.

I highly recommend Glen and the Harmony crew, in fact, Glen was referred to us from one of our clients!

~Joe R.

Job was done well and finished on time and budget

We had never worked with a contractor before our recent remodeling of our row house. Needless to say, we had heard horror stories. We found out quickly that Glen was not your everyday contractor. He worked with us from day one to meet our twin goals: quality craftsmanship and budget discipline. The work he and his crew did on our Wardman row house fits perfectly with the look of the house. His concern for detail in the moldings and the tile has made all the difference. We’re still amazed we got such quality work for such a reasonable price.

Being nervous new homeowners, we had lots of questions and lots of last-minute changes throughout the work. It was great to know we could always call Glen, or set a time to meet, to discuss our questions or concerns. His responsiveness made what could have been a stressful process into one that went quickly and painlessly.

We recommend Glen and his team to our friends, and we expect to use Harmony Construction for future work as well.

~Jeff K.

Quality work for a reasonable price

Glen remodeled our cold, dark attic into a warm bedroom space for our teenage daughter. He constructed a new dormer to give us more space, created clever closets from limited space, and finished an interior that’s the envy of all visiting teens. Glen also painted the interior and exterior of the house, all the while keeping clean work areas as we continued to live there during the construction.

Finally, small crises, unrelated to the construction project, arose while Glen and his crew were here. Glen was able assess and solve the crises — I don’t know that another contractor would have bothered.

Glen’s project came in on time and on budget. I’ll hire him again in a heartbeat.

~Kathy A.

I’ll hire him again in a heartbeat

First off, Glen Sperling is just a good person. You would want him as a friend and not just as your contractor. Or, once he becomes your Contractor, how could you not want this guy as your friend?!

He keeps to your budget and not his or someone else’s. His bids come in lower than these so-called designer contractors. He takes the time to allow you to consult with him on what would be a good, commonsensical, and artistic approach to your design concerns.

We had him remodel our attic area. With the sharp angles flowing from the roof configuration, Glen worked to maximize the usable space. We love the ‘space’ up there. Also, he installed a front porch roof for us and we are always getting compliments on his fine work.

The speed of his crew knocking out your project leaves you with little time to carp about how long it takes these contractors to do the project. Fortunately, we do get to talk and chat with him when he comes over for a party. Oh, can the man cook!

~Bob F.

Glen Sperling is just a good person

Thanks again for your work. Your guys were great–prompt, respectful and good at their jobs.

~Eric W.

Prompt, respectful, and good at their jobs

I love my kitchen! Glen helped me plan the design and his team executed beautifully, on time and within the budget. It was a leap of faith to make a pass-through into my dining room, which has historic wainscoting, but it came out perfect. I recommend their service with no reservations.

~Tali B.

I love my kitchen!