First off, Glen Sperling is just a good person. You would want him as a friend and not just as your contractor. Or, once he becomes your Contractor, how could you not want this guy as your friend?!

He keeps to your budget and not his or someone else’s. His bids come in lower than these so-called designer contractors. He takes the time to allow you to consult with him on what would be a good, commonsensical, and artistic approach to your design concerns.

We had him remodel our attic area. With the sharp angles flowing from the roof configuration, Glen worked to maximize the usable space. We love the ‘space’ up there. Also, he installed a front porch roof for us and we are always getting compliments on his fine work.

The speed of his crew knocking out your project leaves you with little time to carp about how long it takes these contractors to do the project. Fortunately, we do get to talk and chat with him when he comes over for a party. Oh, can the man cook!

~Bob F.

Glen Sperling is just a good person